Rebecca Fields

Candidate for Wyoming House District 41

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Rebecca Fields

Candidate for House District 41


Rebecca Fields was born and raised in a small town in Nebraska known as Blair. After the tragic event of September 11 shocked the world, Rebecca’s husband did the honorable duty and joined the military. Many will relate that being in the military with a family or being a military wife is not an easy task. With different deployments and little time on her hands, Rebecca worked her way through college eventually earning her Bachelor’s degree.


As time progressed, her family eventually made it to Cheyenne, Wyoming in 2014. While working full time, providing for her family, and having a husband with a Union career, Rebecca again worked her way through her Master’s degree in business administration. Rebecca is currently pursing her third degree and is currently working on her dissertation. 


Please support Rebecca Fields for House District 41. Rebecca is the one person who can assist in helping the community and citizens of all categories of life.


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